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          There are over 10,000 hot pot brand stores.
          Export Beihai cuisine from more than 20 countries including Europe and America.
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          Year end inventory - major events of jiujiajiu 2021!

          Date of publication:2021-12-31

          In a twinkling of an eye

          2021 has entered the countdown

          Looking back on this year, we have had a lot of great events

          Some make us happy

          Some let us look forward to




          Break through 10000 + and lead the market

          according to an uncompleted statistic

          Including kuoku, Xiaolongkan, Shu Daxia and other famous brands

          The number of hot pot brand stores we supply has exceeded 10000

          Besides, our products have also settled in

          Pupu and other large chain super platforms

          Further enhance the visibility of jiujiajiu brand

          Let Beihai characteristic seafood food enter thousands of families


          Strategic transformation embarks on a new journey

          September 1, 2021

          Jiujiajiu and "sister brand" shrimp catching

          Formal establishment of strategic alliance

          Jiujiajiu independently allocated sliding business

          Deeply cultivate shrimp balls and pill products in Beihai to create a super brand

          Provide more professional products and services for customers and consumers


          VI upgrade to capture consumer mind

          In an age of attention deprivation

          The higher the brand recognition, the greater the chance of being remembered by consumers

          [before upgrade]

          [after upgrade]

          In 2021, we conducted in-depth market research

          The brand VI system has been comprehensively upgraded

          Saturated red and green tones, plus lovely IP image

          Give people a bright visual attraction


          Innovation blessing instant explosive products

          It's stuffed with sea duck eggs, a special food of Beihai

          Blessing bag, shrimp balls, beef balls, fish balls

          Heavy listing in early September

          This extremely overbearing combination of "Four Heavenly Kings"

          Instantly aroused the hot debate in the market

          Merchants ordered one after another to seize the first wave of dividends


          CCTV program special report

          In September, CCTV program team came from Beijing

          To jiujiajiu production base and breeding base

          3-day feature shooting

          Let's unveil jiujiajiu Beihai shrimp balls

          The story behind


          The special program will be broadcast in January 2022

          Please look forward to it


          More than 10 honors and bumper harvests every year

          Since its establishment, jiujiajiu

          Put product quality and reputation first

          It is the object that the industry competes to imitate

          Only in 2021

          Won more than 10 honors

          January - won the title of "leading agricultural enterprise at the level of autonomous region"

          March - won the title of "influential Chinese catering brand (enterprise) in 2021"

          April - won the title of "industry leading brand in 2021"

          June - won the title of "Gold Award enterprise"

          October - won the title of "gold supplier of 2021"


          Learning and exchange broaden the development stage

          Meatballs are in people's cognition

          It is widely used in hot pot and Kanto cooking

          In fact, with the creativity of chefs

          They also have great potential in the presentation of Chinese dishes

          Not only as a supporting role, but also as a girder


          In 2021, we helped hold a local event in Beihai

          Two cooking competitions gathered a large number of excellent catering people

          PK on the same stage together to prosper Guangxi cuisine culture


          Debut in Beijing Metro Line 1

          In December, with the theme of "special train for revitalizing rural brands and strengthening agriculture"

          The exhibition tour was officially launched in Beijing Metro Line 1

          Jiujiajiu stood out from nearly 10000 enterprises

          Become one of the preferred brands for Rural Revitalization

          It is understood that the event was well received

          Today's headlines, international finance and economics network, China consulting, global news

          And nearly 30 official media reports

          Greatly enhance the influence of jiujiajiu Beihai shrimp pill brand


          In the coming year 2022

          How will jiujiajiu add a brilliant stroke

          Let's wait and see



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